Strategic sailing boardgame - Boardgame of the sailors

"This game requires strategy sense, sailing knowledge and creativity.
I kindly recommend for all sailors."


At the start of the game we deal the cover cards of the course. These decide what kind of wind will be on the areas of the course. You can make your strategy based on the gusts, wind shifts and calms, and you can lure your opponents aground with the reef cards.

Start from the best position, use the clear wind, gain advantage just like you do at a real race!

Do not worry if you are not at the first place, you can still reach the other boats, because sometimes the course reveals the hidden gusts and shifts as you go ahead.

React and accomodate quickly, use the errors of the other players, and if you know the codeflags and rules of the racing well, with a bit of luck you can overtake the others soon. But do not underestimate your opponents! A good sailor counts with the opportunity of stronger opponents than he expected. No one knows the others plans and you can never be sure, you will not capsize in the next moment!

The player who measures his chances the best gets closer to win the race.

The goal is the winning, but do not forget, that even with one bad race you can still win the contest!